Using Dash+Cam




Dash now includes an automatic video recorder that will save snippets of video at the beginning and end of your trip, as well as when hard brakes or acceleration are detected.

Here's how to use DashCam:

  1. Connect as you normally would (no OBD required) then go to the driving screen with live gauges.
  2. Tap the camera icon to begin video recording. 
  3. You'll see a calibration screen - use this to adjust the camera view if needed.
  4. Take your trip normally. We'll do the rest.

When the trip is over, your video clips will appear on the trip detail page along with the route and mileage totals.


On the Trip History screen (the one with the Route 66 icon) any trip with videos will show a small camera icon on the upper right hand corner of its overview card. When you open the detail page, trips like this will have a new tab that with a list of videos. 



If you open that video tab, you'll see the videos placed on the map, as well as in a chronological list.

You can view, download or share the clips from there. 


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