Adding a car to the Dash garage


Dash will attempt to add an entry for your vehicle the first time you try to connect. However, this depends on your car reporting its VIN number over the OBD port, and not all cars do this; in particular, older vehicles may not send this information.

In these cases, you'll need to add your car manually before we can log your trips.


My Garage

This is where you’ll add vehicles to your Dash garage. To add a vehicle to your garage, tap the blue ‘+’ button on the top right. If you’re using Dash for the first time, you might see a blue ‘+ADD VEHICLE’ button in the middle of this screen.

Note: Once you add your first car to the garage, you won’t be able to delete that car from your garage until you add a second.

To delete a car from your garage on Android, tap and hold the car you want to delete. On iPhone, simply swipe the vehicle image to delete.


Adding A Vehicle

When adding a car to your Dash garage, the screen to the right will appear. Begin typing the make of your vehicle and we'll try to find a good match.

Once you select the appropriate make, go ahead and select the model year from the box below the text input area, then press "Next."





Choose Your Model and Options

On the next two screens, you'll be given choices for your model and vehicle options. The first screen will be the model (like 3 series or Focus) and the second will give you engine and trim options.

Note: for the best Dash experience, try to find a vehicle with the same engine details as yours. Trim details don't matter as much.

If you don't see matching options on the second page, make sure to go back and see if there are more options for similar models.  


What If I Can't Find My Vehicle?

Tap the "CREATE" button that you see on every page throughout the addition process. This will allow you to enter a new vehicle type on your own. Note that you'll be able to name the new vehicle type anything you want, but you'll need to know:

- Engine Displacement (i.e. 2.4 L)
- Fuel economy ratings for city and highway (i.e. 23 / 31 MPG)
- Size of fuel tank (i.e. 14 gallons)
- Fuel type (Regular, premium, diesel, etc)


To get the most accurate readings from your vehicle, be careful that your vehicle's specifications are listed accurately. You will be able to edit them later if you don't know right now.

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