When will I get my first Dash score?


Welcome to Dash - we hope you're excited about the Safety, Savings, and Social benefits!

Dash won't give you a score until you've completed your first trip.  That's right - there's no real-time score.  We didn't want drivers to be more concerned with their scores than watching the road, so your trips are scored afterward.  After you've reached your destination, fire up the Dash app and check out how you did!  You'll also see if you earned any badges, and if your car showed you a "Check Engine Light" it will also store information that.

Dash will warn you about excessive acceleration or braking while you're driving - it costs you money when you go heavy on either of those pedals.  The less you hear those two warnings, the higher your score will be when you check in with Dash after your drive.

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    Brian Franklin Alexander

    I took my first trip. How long before my details show up in Trends and the Leaderboard?

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