What goes into a Dash score?



Your Dash score is a number from 0 to 100 that lets you know how well you're driving, focusing on safety and efficiency.  If you have a high score, say a 90, it means that your driving behavior is good - but there's always room for improvement.

We have taken a lot of care in our algorithm to reflect our own point of view, as well as those of other stakeholders (road safety agencies, insurance companies, pro drivers), so it's a balancing act between many factors.  Of course, there is no one size fits all and so, as we get feedback from more users, we are improving the algorithm on a rolling basis. 

But here's the quick list of what goes in: behavior (like acceleration and braking, as well as going over the limit and idling too long), fuel usage and car maintenance, time of day and driving conditions.

To improve behavior, Dash will give low scores for heavy acceleration and braking.  The app will give you an audible warning so you can learn to avoid this behavior.  We understand that sometimes this is inevitable, but in general smooth driving without excessive acceleration and braking is safer and more efficient.

Furthermore, speeding is generally less efficient than traveling at the limit.  Also, don't leave your car idling for long periods of time; it's inefficient and adds to pollution.  Cities like New York have actually passed laws against it, and this is why a lot of modern vehicles cleverly turn themselves off at stoplights.  

Your actual fuel economy will be compared to official mileage ratings for your vehicle, so you won't get a high score just for driving an efficient car: Dash is about making your behavior better.  Also, make sure to keep your car in good condition - you'll get dinged if you keep driving with that "Check Engine" light on.

Last, your score is affected by the time you're driving and the conditions you're driving in.  We know that sometimes you can't avoid that late-night run through the snow, but don't fool yourself that it's as safe as driving when the sun's out and the pavement's dry.

One important thing to keep in mind is that Dash keeps pushing you to be better: at first, the badges will come easily, but after you've put in some miles, you'll find that we look at your driving a bit more carefully.  For example, you'll have to work harder to avoid those hard braking notifications, so keep pushing yourself to drive smoothly and efficiently.

We've put a lot of work into figuring out how our score can help you drive better, but we're still working on improving our algorithm.  And whatever our score says, always follow the rules of the road, use good judgment, and drive safely. 

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