Take your first trip with Dash


Getting Started with Dash

 First, let's take a trip without an OBD device.

First, you’ll need to create an account with Dash.

When first starting Dash, you’ll see this screen. Notice the blue button labeled ‘SIGN UP’. This is where you can register your preferred email address and password.

Follow the instructions and you'll soon be in the Dash app for the first time.


Once you have logged in, you'll see the home screen; there won't be much here for now. When you're ready, just tap the "Drive" icon to start a trip.

Now you're driving with Dash Lite, which will give you access to most of Dash's most important features. To access advanced features like real-time sensor data and engine trouble code diagnosis, you'll need to add an OBD.

Now, let's take an OBD-Powered Drive.

With an OBD device in hand, you’re ready to go!

Setup should take about ~10 minutes. Ensure data is enabled on your phone/mobile device.


Step 1:

Get inside of your car but don’t start the vehicle just yet. Find the OBD port in your car. Plug the OBD into the OBD port in your car. Cars manufactured after 1996 have an OBD port. OBD ports are usually located in an area below the steering wheel.  

Step 2:

Next, you’ll want to pair your OBD and mobile device via Bluetooth. You’ll be able to do this in your Bluetooth settings on your mobile device.  

Note: Bluetooth 4 / BLE devices like CellAssist or Carista do not require this pairing step.


Step 3:

Start your car and tap the blue "Drive" button.

As soon as your car is on, Dash will attempt to connect to the OBD device and learn your car's "Vehicle Identification Number" (or VIN for short.) If that works, it will automatically add a vehicle entry to your "Garage" section and you can start driving. If Dash isn't able to read the VIN, it will still add a vehicle entry into your "garage," but it will be missing key data - you'll want to edit it later.



Step 4:

After tapping the blue OBD button, Dash will let you know when it has established a connection. Once Dash is connected, begin driving! You’ll know you’re ready to go because you’ll see your real time driving gauges like the ones you see here.

Now, go ahead and drive smarter.

Dash will now track your driving. The app will give you real-time feedback to help you avoid bad driving habits, help monitor your car's health, give you an overall score for each trip, and monitor the overall trends in your driving behavior. Watch for notifications and check the app once in awhile to see how you're doing.

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