How does Dash make my car smarter?


Dash is an app that connects your car’s computer to your smartphone.  It uses  data from your vehicle to track, analyze and improve your driving for three kinds of benefits: Safety, Savings, and Social.

Dash gathers the data to track engine and driver performance in real time on your phone, and then gives you a score based on how well you're doing.  The Dash algorithm monitors the safety and efficiency of your driving and the performance of your car in order to cut emissions, increase MPGs to save money all while helping you become a better and safer driver - then we share this on our leaderboards so you can compete with your friends on popular social networks.

Dash also does some other great stuff, like interpreting your car's "Check Engine" light and recommending mechanics and gas stations, and allows you to connect to IFTTT to automatically log trips to spreadsheets and do other neat stuff. And we have an API if you're into hacking your own solutions!

And this is just the beginning: we're going to keep adding awesome features to make Dash even better.



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