My compass just keeps spinning!


First off, don't panic: most likely, your car isn't spinning around!  There are a couple of common issues that can interfere with the Dash compass.

The first possibility is that your compass isn't calibrated.  To calibrate, slowly move rotate your phone so it can get its bearings.  Make a few rotations with the phone in a various positions - held upright, on its side, etc.  Usually doing this three to four times will take care of the issue.

The other possibility is that you're using a magnetic phone mount in your car - unfortunately, the magnets in the mount will interfere with the sensors in the phone.  The Dash compass won't work well in this kind of mount, so you'll need to find another solution for holding your phone if you want to use the compass.

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    James Lauser

    I've found the compass in my phone to be highly unreliable. Since Dash already taps into the GPS for position tracking, would it be possible to utilize the GPS data for a compass (i.e. direction of travel) as well? Maybe as an advanced option?

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    James - I think this already goes through the "location services" but maybe there's more we can do. I'll look into it.

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