OBD Around the world


The OBD-II port that Dash uses to connect to your car's computer was adopted at different times around the world.  We do plan to extend support as widely as we can, but this list should be helpful if you're not sure when OBD was required in your part of the world.

Country Year Required
Argentina (Domestic) 2008
Argentina (Import) 2009
Australia (Petrol) 2006
Australia (Diesel) 2007
Brazil (Petrol) 2007
Canada 1998
China (Beijing - Petrol) 2008
China (Country - Petrol) 2010
China (Country - Diesel) 2011
European Union (Petrol) 2001
European Union (Diesel) 2004
Hong Kong 2006
India 2013
Israel 2003
Japan 2003
Mexico 2007
New Zealand (Petrol) 2006
New Zealand (Diesel 2007
Peru 2003
Russia 2010
South Korea 2007
Taiwan 2008
Thailand 2013
United States 1996


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