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As you probably know, there are a few different ways to use Dash. After getting set up the first time, some drivers opt to use Dash in the background. In this case, we'll automatically log your driving history with dates, times, routes, fuel economy, and scores; you'll also get audio alerts when you aggressively brake or accelerate.

If you want more information, open the Dash app while you're driving. This will show you a screen with a stream of live data from sensors in your car.




The Dash Driving Screen

While you're driving, Dash will show you a screen like this one.

The "Basic" configuration will include your instantaneous MPG and a few other items - many Dash drivers use the instantaneous MPG to optimize their driving behavior to save fuel.

This is a "Custom" selection of sensors. You can edit your the configuration of sensors to your own requirements by going to Advanced Settings, then tapping the "Driving Gauges" option. 



Configuring Driving Gauges

You'll see a lot of options on this screen. Go ahead and select any sensors that might be interesting to you; use the handles on the left to arrange them into the order you'd like to see. The number you can see on your screen depends a bit on the size of your phone, but most phones will display about eight gauges without scrolling.

Note: Real-time sensor readings requires an OBD device. 

Not all cars support all sensors. Even if you select a sensor on this screen, it won't appear if it's not available on your car. 



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