Diagnostics and Real Time Data



Diagnostics and Real Time Data.

Dash gives you access to your vehicle's data in several ways.

One of Dash's most powerful features is the driving screen. Here, you'll see a set of virtual gauges that are updated with real-time data from your car. Many Dash drivers use the Idle percentage and instantaneous MPG to optimize their driving, but you'll also be able to see items like engine temperature, voltage, and fuel trim. You can even customize this view according to your preferences.

Note: To see this screen, you must be driving your car with Dash connected to your OBD adapter.




Your Trip Information.

When you complete a trip, Dash will create a Trip Detail card as soon as it can process your data.

This card will give you a detailed record of the trip: in addition to start and top times and locations, it includes a plot of your GPS path as well as the miles driven, elapsed time, fuel cost and economy, and the name of the vehicle you drove.

This information is automatically stored on your Dash account. To access your trip details, just tap the Trips icon on the nav bar.



Export Data.

To export your driving information, first go to your Dash profile

Tapping the ‘Download’ button will prompt you for an email for Dash to send your driving information. Your driving data will be emailed to you in spreadsheet(.csv) format. Allow a couple of minutes for the email to show up in your inbox.

You can also collect your driving data via IFTTT. To use that feature, first setup an account on the IFTTT site, then enable Dash so you can create a recipe within IFTTT to export your data.

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