Engine Alerts


What Does That Check Engine Light Mean?

When your engine is saying "I've got a problem," Dash will translate for you.

Dash includes a database of the DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) used by modern engines, so you'll have more information on the severity of the issue.

Whenever your "Check Engine" light comes on, Dash will give you a basic explanation, and will then present you with a list of well-rated local shops to take care of the repair. We'll even provide an estimate when possible.


Mechanics and Details

Just scroll down in the Engine Alert screen to view local mechanics in either list or map view. You can also get more details about the issue by tapping "Estimate Detail." 

Note: Dash currently covers only engine alerts. Dash won't be able to interpret issues with other systems like traction control, ABS, or tire pressure monitors. It's also important to note that the same engine code may translate to a very different problems in two different vehicles.

There is no substitute for regular maintenance by a knowledgable mechanic.

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