How to get to Dash's Main Menu


The Main Menu

Welcome to the Dash home screen!

From here you can view your score or use the bottom navigation bar to go to various sections of the app. The "Route 66" icon will take you to your recent trips. Tap the car icon to go to your garage. The graph icon will take you to trends, and the trophy icon will bring you to the leaderboard.

You can also initiate a manual connection to your vehicle by tapping the round "Connect" icon; this button will be replaced by a "return home" icon if you navigate away from the home screen.


The Side Menu

After tapping the 3 lines in the top left corner, a screen will pop out from the side like the one shown here. You can also access this menu by swiping from the left of the home screen.

Here you can access to Settings or call for Roadside Assistance. Just tap “Home” or swipe to the left to return to the home screen.





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