Edit Your Dash Profile


Accessing Your Dash Profile

Open Your Profile

To access your Dash profile, tap the three lines on the upper-left corner of the home screen or swipe in from the left side of the screen.


Once the side menu is open, simply tap the image in the upper left (if this is the first time you've accessed your Dash profile, there will be a placeholder image instead of your smiling face.)

Note that the screenshots you see here are from Android devices, but it works the same way on iPhone.



This screen is where you can edit your personal information, like your email address. It's also where you can add a custom user photo. Use the camera icon on the upper right.

To make edits to your profile, scroll all the way down to the bottom of this screen and tap the ‘Edit’ button.


When you're finished, you can use the bottom nav bar to get back to the home screen or other parts of the app. 




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