Real-time Driving Feedback And Parental Control


Dash Alerts

Dash will let you know when you brake hard, and when you’re speeding for extended periods of time. See below for alert thresholds…

Speeding: For periods longer than 10 seconds, you will be alerted if you exceed 80mph(130kph).

Hard Braking: Dash will alert you if your speed reductions in 1 second exceed 7mph(13kph)

Note: You cannot adjust or turn off the Speeding/Hard Brake alert settings in Dash. However, you can disable the alerts (or just their audio feedback) in your Dash settings.

Set Parental Control

To enable Parental Control, you'll first need to tap the mail icon seen in the upper right. There you'll be able to input an email address to receive your alerts. And don't worry: if your teen driver makes any changes here, you'll be notified.

Once that's set, you'll receive an alert whenever the driver exceeds the thresholds set in this screen, or if they violate the curfew or location settings seen here.

Note: These settings can be set independently from the audio alerts you receive from Dash; they will be the same if you leave them at their defaults.


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