Do I need an OBD to use Dash? (Nope.)


Dash no longer requires an OBD device.


This means that you can get started driving right away, as long as you have a recent iPhone or Android phone.

When Dash launched, it required the use of an OBD device so the app could talk to your car's computers. But now we've launched Dash Lite, that includes some of Dash's most important features:

  • Trip tracking (start, end, distance, vehicle)
  • Audio alerts based on driving behaviors
  • Remote notifications (crash alert, curfew, geo-fencing)
  • Dash+Cam safety video recording
  • Downloadable trip history (great for tax time)
  • Check engine look up
  • And more on the way

Of course if you have a compatible OBD device, Dash will be able to communicate with your vehicle in real time to accurately calculate fuel economy, as well as showing real-time sensor data and diagnosing engine trouble codes

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